Control Those Allergies

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Control Those Allergies

Some allergies last year-round, making every season allergy season

Are you sneezing more often lately? Do you have itchy eyes? A scratchy throat? Some allergies last year-round, making every season allergy season.

Allergies can feel like having a cold, but allergy symptoms usually last longer. And they may get worse when you’re outside, or close to what you are allergic to. Other signs include coughing, swollen or watery eyes, or a runny or clogged nose.

To help your allergies, shut your home’s windows. Use an air conditioner to keep the air inside clean or a humidifier to keep air moist (if you are in cancer treatment, make sure the humidifier stays clean to avoid spreading bacteria or mold in the air).

Check the local news for smog or pollen counts. If you can, avoid going outside when these numbers are high. Your pets might make your allergies worse, especially if they go outside. So try to keep your pets clean and out of your bedroom.

Talk to your doctor if your allergy symptoms are getting in the way of your daily life. Your doctor might be able to help you avoid what you’re allergic to. He or she may also be able to prescribe medicine to lessen your allergy symptoms. Bone marrow transplant patients have their own particular needs, so if you or a loved one is recovering from a transplant, make sure to follow all prescribed immune precautions.

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