Champions of Hope

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Champions of Hope

A simple way to honor a medical hero

Anyone who's been through treatment for cancer or another serious illness will agree: There's a lot more to the patient experience than dealing with symptoms and fighting off disease. It's also about the kind people who help out along the way.

Patients often express how grateful they are for the personal touch that helped get them through, whether it's from a physician, a technician or a patient navigator.

Maybe it's the volunteer who offered you a warm blanket with a smile when you felt cold, the nurse who sat with you through an especially tough night or the doctor who patiently answered all your family's questions. Many survivors get through their cancer journeys deeply wishing they could give back to these special health heroes.

A Unique Way to Say Thanks

City of Hope recently set up the Champions of Hope program to help patients do just that. Whether it was a social worker, physician, volunteer, physical therapist or other health professional who made a difference, Champions of Hope is an avenue to say "thank you."

Through this program, patients and family members may make donations to City of Hope in tribute to the staff members who are their personal Champions of Hope. Staff members get a commemorative pin that recognizes this honor and identifies them as a Champion of Hope. Honorees will be celebrated publicly in a variety of ways.

The Benefit to Future Patients

The Champions of Hope program represents City of Hope's attempt to acknowledge the difference these health professionals make. It serves as a reminder that patients appreciate what they do. At the same time, donations from survivors strengthen the research and treatment efforts that make it possible for more people to return confidently after therapy to their lives and their families.

Any City of Hope employee who works directly with patients is eligible to be recognized as a Champion of Hope.

Wayne Lewis

Name Your Champion

To learn more about how to honor a City of Hope health professional as a Champion of Hope, call 800-667-5310 or email

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