Don’t Shy Away From Shellfish Any Longer

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Don’t Shy Away From Shellfish Any Longer

New testing methods indicate they may be lower in cholesterol than you may expect

If you’re a heart-healthy eater, you’ve probably been avoiding your favorite shellfish because you were told that it contains too much cholesterol. Well, now it’s time to put these gems from the sea back on the menu.

New testing methods have discovered that foods like shrimp, lobster, scallops, mussels, crab and oysters actually are much lower in cholesterol than earlier nutrition tests had shown. What once was thought to be heart-harming cholesterol is now recognized as a healthier compound called a non-cholesterol sterol.

Shellfish are good sources of protein — generally low in saturated fat and rich in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids that can actually help lower your cholesterol levels.

Of course, to reap the benefits of shellfish, don’t douse them with butter or mayonnaise-based sauces, and broil, grill or steam instead of frying.

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