Getting the Doc’s OK

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Getting the Doc’s OK

There are times when certain forms of exercise might be risky. Before lacing up your sneakers, talk to your doctor to be sure it’s safe.

Your doctor will make recommendations for the best exercise program based on your type of cancer and current or recent treatment regimen. Don’t wait until after treatment is complete to start talking about exercise.

According to licensed occupational therapist Jennifer Hayter, M.A., OTR/L, CLT-LANA, director of rehabilitation services for City of Hope, some form of exercise, including stretching or strengthening exercises done in a bed or chair, is appropriate during all treatment.

“The real question is not how soon after treatment but what type of exercise is appropriate at any particular stage of treatment or the disease,” she says.

Hayter suggests asking your doctor about possible risks of exercising, including bleeding and lymphedema, and requesting a referral to rehabilitation services where a physical or occupational therapist can tailor a workout to your specific needs.

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