Goodbye to Restore, Hello to Our Other Publications

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Goodbye to Restore, Hello to Our Other Publications

After three years of publication, Restore is ending its run. This is our last issue — but we’re not ending our relationship with you.

Through Restore, we’ve aimed to give you information that boosts your well-being. We’ve also hoped to inspire you with stories about fellow survivors and the City of Hope physicians who became their Champions of Hope.

Cancer survivorship rates in the U.S. have increased dramatically over the years. Today, there are nearly 12 million survivors, and numbers are growing thanks to the diligence of researchers, physicians and donors who back important research.

We support your journey to wellness and applaud your courage. There are many avenues for you to get health and research news and learn how to support City of Hope’s fight against cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Read our news online at You can also use that site to subscribe to eHope, a monthly email newsletter, by filling out the “Subscribe” box on the page.

You can also subscribe to the print version of City News, a magazine focused on cancer research, patient stories and fundraising news, by sending your name and address to

For even more frequent stories and news, read our Breakthroughs blog at and follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@cityofhope).

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