Meet Five City of Hope Champions

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Meet Five City of Hope Champions

Fall Gala celebrates extraordinary caregivers

A gala dinner this fall celebrates five of the health-care heroes honored by patients through the Champions of Hope program. The event takes place Nov. 3 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Read about the honorees’ inspirations and their accolades from patients below. For more information about City of Hope’s Champions of Hope program or an invitation to the gala, email or call 800-667-5310.

JAMES S. ANDERSEN, M.D. Chief, Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinical Professor of Surgery

Inspiration: “I spend a lot of time with my patients during their first visit with me. I want them not only to have a clear image of what options are available and what kind of recovery and lifestyle changes to expect, but also to know that I fully understand and value the trust they put in me. As was printed in The Journal of the American Medical Association in 1927: ‘In order to take good care of a patient, you have to sincerely care about the patient.’ I firmly believe that’s as true today as it ever was.”

Patient Accolades: “He is a highly skilled surgeon and also a very caring person who makes you feel comfortable, listens and never makes you feel hurried when talking to you.”

ARTI HURRIA, M.D. Director, Cancer and Aging Research Program Associate Professor of Medical Oncology & Therapeutics Research

Inspiration: “Being a doctor is about knowing your patient, understanding their wishes and values, and making the best medical decision for the individual in that context. It is about providing comfort and compassion so the patient knows they are not alone in this journey. Being a doctor is not work; it is a vocation. I believe that I was brought together with my patient for a special reason and it is a true honor for me to have the opportunity to care for them.”

Patient Accolades: “With her caring, knowledge and awareness, Dr. Hurria has taken us along to a quality of life that I did not think possible as a stage 4 cancer patient.”

SHIRLEY JOHNSON, R.N. Chief Nursing and Patient Services Officer

Shirley Johnson will represent the City of Hope nurses honored through Champions of Hope.

Nurses’ inspiration: “Our nurses are beyond compare, and their outstanding efforts to serve our patients and their loved ones make me extremely proud to be associated with them. Ensuring the best possible experience for our patients and families is important for us as nurses.”

Patient Accolades: “She treated us as individuals. She gave us hope. She made us laugh. She showed respect. She struck a perfect balance between demonstrating knowledge and providing compassion.”

AUAYPORN P. NADEMANEE, M.D. Jan & Mace Siegel Professor in Hematology & Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation Director, Matched Unrelated Donor Program

Inspiration: “I consider my patients and their family as part of my team when we start the treatment. We work together to achieve the goal of curing their cancers. I get to know them quite well and they’re almost like family members. It’s very gratifying to not just save lives, but see them get well and get back to their families.”

Patient Accolades: “I know beyond a shadow of a doubt I would not still be here today if not for her kindness, care and amazing expertise in the treatment of cancer … She also makes me feel like I’m a special patient.”

TIMOTHY WILSON, M.D. Pauline and Martin Collins Family Chair in Urology Director, Prostate Cancer Program

Inspiration: “It’s important to me that we tailor the care for each individual so the best possible result is obtained. Certainly, first and foremost we want to cure their cancer. Not far behind in terms of priority, however, is physical and emotional recovery. We want each individual to recover as quickly as possible in all aspects. Everything we do with surgery, for instance, has these goals in mind.”

Patient Accolades: “His skilled and healing hands deliver personable and professional care … and his staff is great, too.” — Wayne Lewis

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