My Champion of Hope

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My Champion of Hope

Being diagnosed with multiple myeloma inspires one patient to help fund future research

I came to City of Hope for help battling multiple myeloma. And I found a champion of hope: my physician, Amrita Krishnan, M.D., director of the Multiple Myeloma Program.

Her tireless efforts on my behalf have inspired me to donate to support her research. After all, research is the only way to generate the advances in treatment that fight this mysterious disease and will someday surely conquer it. I hope my gift will inspire others to donate to City of Hope, especially the Multiple Myeloma Program.

I have been under Dr. Krishnan's care since March 2011. In her, I have found a superb physician and kindred spirit. She practices medicine at its best as a science and an art. It is easy to see how much my life matters to her. I know that I am not alone in my journey with multiple myeloma. I thrive in Dr. Krishnan's presence and appreciate her keen attention to every detail of my medical issues and personal concerns.

I have learned that every patient manifests myeloma in a unique way. We respond with our character and condition of body, mind and soul. Dr. Krishnan respects such individuality. In so doing, she is my guide and fellow traveler as I venture toward healing.

Above all, I honor her intellectual curiosity, integrity and generosity. She is an eminent expert with vast knowledge in the emerging science of multiple myeloma and current advances in treatment. In matters where the top people in her field disagree, Dr. Krishnan has the courage of her own convictions. And yet she welcomes differing opinions from her colleagues.

In our conversations, Dr. Krishnan always encourages debate, and she is always eager to learn more. A smaller mind or bigger ego might take offense or reject contrary views. But Dr. Krishnan respects the views of others — and my own questions.

She honors my own role in the process. Working with her, I am a full partner in my own care. She helps me better understand my options while making a compelling case for her own point of view. Recently, we made the momentous decision to begin treatment. I am pleased to report that I am managing therapy well. Dr. Krishnan is watching me with great care, and the signs so far are hopeful.

She and I have joined forces, and our collective strengths are formidable indeed. I could find no fiercer ally or kinder comrade in arms than Dr. Krishnan. We stand together in our efforts to salvage and enrich my life — and, through my contribution, the lives of so many others.

— Martha Andresen Wilder

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